This image references mortality, impermanence, and the widespread and consequential harm that is being done to plants and animals that are trying to adapt to new conditions.

The images are messages of beauty presented at the dawning of the apocalypse. They warn of what the future might hold. They question our failure to integrate with the natural world, our failure to realize that we are dependent on our planet to survive, our failure to take responsibility and  acknowledge the consequences of our actions.

Dibond in floater frame 100cm x70cm


Nature is an interdependant collection of systems, in which we are all a part of. Nothing exists in isolation. All living and non living things are linked through cycles that form the Web of Life. As the threads of this web begin to unravel we must realise that everything that occurs in nature reflects upon us. Everything that happens to us reflects upon nature. 

 3 x Dibond in floater frame 100cm x70cm


Dibond in floater frame 196cm x 100cm

Dibond in floater frame 100cm x60cm