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I have always loved the idea of using art to advance social causes, to make us reflect and rethink what it means to be human in the 21st century. My artwork is an ongoing exploration of the unresolved environmental concerns of this century. It attempts to define the world we live in by contrasting aspects of a disintegrating planet with the beauty of all living things. Despite the overwhelming beauty of our planet, the reality is that we are on a precipice of extinction, balancing on the edge of a global meltdown. The ravages of climate change have already been experienced in the form of more frequent floods, violent storms, drought, destruction of wetlands and other natural habitats. All of this has contributed to the loss of tens of thousands of species of animals, birds, and bees. The Earth is a living breathing eco system and it is our HOME! Everything we need as human beings in order to survive has been provided for us by our natural world.


Christine Simpson is a working Artist and Curator in Waterford, Ireland. She is currently represented by Gormleys Fine Art Dublin and Belfast. Her work has been exhibited around the world and the majority of her artworks address the topic of climate change. Christine has received numerous awards including the Silken Photo Award, Brussels; Waterford Crystal Arts Award, a Gold Award from Graphis, New York. Portfolios of her artwork have also been featured in many publications. Christine’s work is in many private collections and she regularly undertakes commissions for art pieces and commercial photographic illustrations. An important aspect of Christine’s life is her Curatorial work, in which she has worked in close association with Magnum Photos New York and the charity, Chernobyl Children’s Project.

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