Finding Eden

Finding Eden

Printed on Dibond. 150cm x 95cm, in floater frame.

 The images depict  an eroded landmass, a rich, unkempt, and decaying environment.  The landmass is strewn with “found” objects, some a testament to the throw-away society we live in, others gifts from nature.They serve as symbols of hope, negligence, reverence, destruction, beauty awe, and desolation. The image acknowledges the damage that is being done to our planet but also reminds us of our connection to the Earth  and the sacredness of all life .

This could Bee paradise_

This could Bee paradise.                                                                                      Printed on Dibond. 150cm x 95cm, in floater frame.

It's still a beautiful world_

It's still a Beautiful World.                                                                                     Printed on Dibond. 150cm x 95cm, in floater frame.

Nature is an inter-dependant collection of systems, in which we are all a part of. Nothing exists in isolation. All living and nonliving things are linked through cycles that form the Web of Life. As the threads of this web begin to unravel we must realise that everything that occurs in nature reflects upon us. Everything that happens to us reflects upon nature.

This artworks harness the creative possibilities of Photoshop and the craft of traditional Photography and the symbiotic nature of the two. It explores step by step the potential of creating surreal melded images from several different photographs (sometimes as many as 100 in one image) into one seamlessly constructed print. 


"Your photography was included in the Art Photography Collection and was presented at a private reception hosted at: 

Musee du Louvre

75058 Paris - France

July 13th, 2015

It's been an honor to have your work included. Thank you for sharing your photography with us and with the world. " William Etundi Junior, Patron of the Arts New York.

Last Supper revisited_

Last Supper revisited.                                                                                          Printed on Dibond. 150cm x 95cm, in floater frame.